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Nocellara of Belice

A dual attitude cultivars, as table olive, processing method called the castelvetranese and as cultivars to produce one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.

Landscape Sicilian varietal is characterized by the predominance of eight cultivars: Biancolilla, Cerasuola, Moresca Nocellara of Belice, Nocellara Etnea, St. Agata Messina, Oglialora, Tonda Iblea, which account for 80% of all olive trees cultivated in Sicily. The Nocellara of Belice, the cultivar of excellence of our territory, has a late ripening and a strong, good schooling is the productivity of plants that require moderate climatic conditions. The Nocellara of Belice varieties is a very versatile dual attitude, as table olive and as oil cultivar, with an average yield of 18%.


In the province of Trapani, in particular in the area between Campobello di Mazara Castelvetrano, Partanna, and among cultivars from mensa dominates the varieties Nocellara of Belice, whose production accounts for about 70% of the total regional. As evidence of this data that demonstrate the vocation of the olive area, and in particular for table olives, was established at Community level the DOP Nocellara of Belice (reg. (EC) n° 134/98 of 21.01.98), unique among the Sicilian variety from the canteen to be awarded this recognition.


Table Olives
Olives are typical of Sicilian cuisine, with its unmistakable taste and meaty and flavorful flesh. Ideal for appetizers, entrees and side dishes, make merry and tasty meals.

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Extra virgin olive oil
From olives Nocellara of Belice, expertly hand-picked in our estates, our oils, fruity flavour and "amarevole". Great to enhance your culinary creations.

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