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Shipping and Delivery

Evasion of the order usually takes place the day after purchase if you choose payment method "credit card, Paypal or cash on delivery", the day after crediting of payment if you choose "bank transfer". For the withdrawal of our products you can choose the service you prefer from those available, you can also collect the goods at our office in person or by person/shipper delegates at no additional cost.
Delivery times vary depending on the service chosen. Courier times of receipt of the goods by the delivery of the order are of 24-48 hours for all destinations throughout the national territory.
We devote particular attention to the packaging of our gastronomic specialities in order to guarantee the perfect conservation. The food that we offer is of high quality.
M.u farm is not responsible for damage or tampering of the goods delivered by the shipper. We invite you therefore to always accept the parcel by courier with "reserve" in particular where there are no signs of breakage and/or tampering: this is crucial in order to open a claim against the courier and obtain compensation for damage by courier. Otherwise the freight forwarder does not accept complaints of any kind and will not open practice of reimbursement.
If accepted the parcel with "reserve" within the same turn out of damaged goods, please contact us immediately at our email address info@aziendaagricolamangiaracina.it, listing the products damaged and possibly send us photographic material as written proof, along with courier delivery card with the words "ACCEPTED with RESERVE", so you can just open the practice with the shipper and to simultaneously send damaged goods again.
Again, if the parcel is accepted without "reserve" there will be no way to proceed against courier and we cannot therefore defer the damaged goods.
We recommend that you notify a shipping address where you can find someone in working hours because the carrier will ask you to sign a receipt. You can choose the home address, but also in the workplace, a neighbor, friend or relative. It is essential that the address provided there is someone at the time of delivery, in order to avoid delivery delays and inventory at the warehouse of the shipper.
At CHECKOUT, in order to facilitate delivery operations, please check that the data such as address (house number) and phone numbers are correct.
We invite you also to communicate more and a mobile phone number so that we will be able to communicate more easily any order information or shipping problems.

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