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Table Olives

Olives are typical of Sicilian cuisine, with its unmistakable taste and meaty and flavorful flesh. Ideal for appetizers, entrees and side dishes, make merry and tasty meals.



The "Sydney" is the most common transformation technique in the world for the production of green olives. According to this technique the olives are immersed in a solution of sodium hydroxide for eight hours, after which the olives undergo cleanings with clean water and then placed in brine for continuing the debittering process. Through this process the olives have a pale green and lose a part of bitter. This allows processing of olives, crispy little love and tasty. These olives are great for appetizers and stuzzichevoli for appetizers.


The "system" is primarily Oak Hills used in the Valley of Belice for the transformation of the cultivar "Nocellara del Belice". This technique involves soaking the olives in a solution of sodium hydroxide and then adding salt to lock the debittering process. With this system the olives have a dark green colour, lose the bitter and become almost sweet, for this reason these olives are also called "sweetened". These olives are excellent along with alcohol or non-alcoholic cocktails or for a nice snack or appetizer.


The "natural" system involves only the use of a brine at 10%, the exclusive use of natural elements like name calling. In the area of Castelvetrano is only used sea salt of Trapani. This technique involves the processing of green and black olives. Green olives can also be crushed, engraved or pitted and seasoned with ingredients such as vegetables and oregano or chilli and parsley. Working "au naturel" slightly deamarizza olives, which remain pleasantly bitter, crisp and tasty. These olives are great for appetizers, to be inserted within a good loaf, for seasoning, pizza seasoning pasta and any other culinary creation.

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